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Here are the 'Values and Rules for Living' I wrote and try to follow. Note that they are ideals. They're written as if they have already been achieved (positive thinking, you know!) but I am still working on them every day.


Positive Attitude I am the most positive person I know. Attitude will always triumph over circumstance. Because I control my attitude, I control my destiny. I associate with positive people in positive environments.
Integrity I set the standard for personal integrity. Anytime I act consistently with my values, anytime I am honest and truthful, anytime I do what is right, I feel great. I influence others by example.
Passion I am intensely passionate about life! I feel passion anytime I choose to. When I communicate passionately, when I cause others to feel passionate about life, when I set an example of a healthy passion for living, I feel great!
Health and Vitality I am a living example of health and vitality. Anytime I enjoy healthy physical activity or exercise effectively, anytime I learn how to improve health and vitality, anytime I eat right and live in harmony with my own health philosophy, I feel healthy and full of energy!
Playfulness I am playful and fun to be around. After all, life is a game! I feel playful anytime I think or act in the spirit of play, anytime I am able to bring about that spirit in others. I play hard and I play to win! Above all, I enjoy it!
Happiness and Cheer I am happy simply because I want to be. I don't need a reason to feel happy! I spread happiness and cheer all around me.
Love and Respect Anytime I show love or respect to others, anytime I appreciate someone or something, anytime I make others feel loved or respected, I feel wonderful!
Investment I understand and value the power of investing in the future. Financially, personally, through family, friendships, business environment, groups, and country, I am a wise investor and inspire others to do the same. I feel excited about the compound rewards that come from wise investments.
Adventure I am an adventurer! Life is a game full of adventure, and I treat it that way. I maintain an adventurous spirit and associate with others who share that spirit.
Accomplishment I value accomplishment. I feel a great sense of accomplishment anytime I do something I set out to do; anytime I influence or assist others to achieve something they desire to achieve.
Competence I admire competence in myself and others. Anytime I improve or demonstrate my own competence, anytime I learn new skills and use them, anytime I can build competence in others, it feels good.
Growth I continuously seek personal growth. I feel it anytime I have a new realization or learn something new, anytime I observe or cause growth in others. Personal growth increases personal power!
Freedom Anytime I realize I am ultimately in control, anytime I have a choice, or the freedom to act or express myself, I feel free. When I grant freedom to others I feel great!
Creativity I am a creative person. I admire creativity in others.
Contribution I am a contributor to the betterment of the world around me - by example, leadership, resources, or time. I value wise contributions which effectively deal with the root cause of a situation. Wise, effective contributions make the world a better place!



Negativity I avoid negativity like a plague. I do not tolerate negative people or media. I act swiftly to eliminate negativity from my life!
Laziness I recognize laziness for the insidious devil that it is. I understand the difference between relaxation and laziness. I will not tolerate or give in to laziness.
Procrastination Procrastination is the enemy of accomplishment, of pride, if investment, of winning in life! I am an effective eliminator of procrastination in self and others. 
Guilt Guilt smothers all that is desirable in life. It causes one to cringe and withdraw. I pursue integrity and ethical behavior so as not to be shackled by guilt. I am true to my own values, and help others avoid the encumbrance of guilt. 
Worry When I feel worry, I decide to take effective action and put myself into a resourceful state. I do not succumb to the crippling effect of worry. I am a doer, a winner, not a worrier!
Ineffectiveness Make all your actions effective. "If you are going to do something, do it right!"
Ignorance It is understandable, in a field one has not perfected, to be unaware of facts. But it is inexcusable to remain ignorant of pertinent details when one has had time to prepare. If one chooses to play the game, one must be prepared!

Through direct contact, the written word, audio tapes and other media, I associate with people who share or exemplify my values. I avoid those who consistently waste their time and mine with negative behaviors.

Lee A. Shurie