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Newport Harbor to Dana Point Harbor

It was one of those picture-perfect Southern California days: a superb day to be out on the ocean.

6 paddlers launched from Newport Harbor at 8:30 as planned, and 5 of us departed 20 minutes later after a slight delay shuttling vehicles down to Dana Point. We met up south of the harbor entrance, and the group of 11 headed out on the 15 NM trip to Dana Point Harbor. Conditions were mild, with very little swell and light winds. The rocks and reefs below us were clearly visible through the crystal water. Some chose to explore the rocks while others went around them as we made our way down the coast.

I saw a lone dolphin but I don't think anyone else saw it as it passed behind us.

KayakDuane Strosaker led a surf landing at Laguna and 8 of us landed there to take a short break. Three continued on ahead. Everybody landed and launched without incident and nobody even got got wet. I think the only person who got wet today was Dave - who rolled to cool off.

We had begun the trip with a light following wind and it continued to help us along as we headed toward Dana Point. About the time we rounded the point the wind picked up and helped push us along the breakwater. But by the time we turned upwind into the harbor it had picked up dramatically - the spray blowing back in our faces from the paddles of those in front of us. Flags snapped smartly in the breeze and the more aggressive sailboaters had wild crazy grins on their faces.

Everyone had a great time and no-one fell behind. It was indeed a perfect day for a tour of the scenic Orange County coastline.


Lee A. Shurie
March 6, 2004

Lee Shurie