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I'm Home

Seven men working in a fluorescent-lit air-conditioned room – each at his own desk with workbench. The men are younger than you’d expect: 27, 24, 25, and so on. One is over 30, but still younger than you’d expect. Their youth is apparent in the lightheartedness of the conversation, the joking, the laughter. The air is so relaxed, so free; one wonders that any work gets done here. And yet remarkably it does. Are these men a special breed? Productive despite (or because of) the unusual freedom? Or maybe it’s the boss: instilling confidence and competence at every turn – with scarcely a word. What is it that makes this place so special? One wonders…

The joking continues; the laughter, the bantering back and forth. One of the men, quietly working and listening to the chatter, smiles. They think he’s smiling at the cute remark someone just made. But though they didn’t quite notice, it’s a different smile this time.

He’s worked at many jobs before and seen a lot of places. But somehow, in this improbable location, he’s finally come to realize: “I’m home.”

Lee A. Shurie
August 1984

Lee Shurie